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D.K. Molar - The Devious Dentist Melodrama
(Show dates January 19 - February 11)


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The depraved dentist, D.K. Molar, and his noxious nurse, Nova Caine, have crafted a
dastardly scam: after putting their patients to sleep with nitrous oxide, they remove the gold
crowns and replace them with fakes made of fool’s gold. The unsuspecting patients are none
the wiser. That is until Dr. Molar’s new receptionist, the lovely Flossy Dailey, starts chewing over
some of the strange happenings in the office. With Phil de Tooth, an upstanding young dentist,
she discovers Molar is prospecting for more than overbites. Molar, true to his calling, pulls a
gun on them and threatens to drill anyone who tries to stop him. 

Audition Dates: Saturday, November 18th at 6:00 PM.

Call Backs November 19th at 6:00 PM.

Director: Mason Edward

Stage Manager:  

*Must be Available for all Tech Rehearsal dates and Show Dates

*Show Dates: Weekends January 19th - February 11th (No matinee on the 21st)

Friday and Saturday 7:30 Sunday 2:30 

Tech Week: January 14-18th 2024


Auditions are open to the community ages 16 and up. 
*Please note there are instances of romance throughout the script*

Please complete the audition form and bring a list of conflicts you might have in between
and Nov 27th and February 11th. You must be available for all show dates. A draft rehearsal
calendar will be available for you to view at auditions.


From The Director: Please bring in one or two, one minute long comedic monologues. This is a
melodrama so I will be looking for actors who are willing to go over the top to bring these
characters to life. Please do not be afraid that you are going over the top, I’d rather tell you to
take it back a notch then constantly asking you to amp it up! Also remember to have a LOT of
fun with your audition. This is by no means a serious piece so the people having the most fun
are more than likely the people who are most interesting to watch :)
In addition to your monologue selections, be prepared for some short cold reads from the script
so we can hear the characters and line delivery.

Callbacks will primarily be for chemistry readings!! There will be scenes provided the day of
callbacks and we will be looking for chemistry between actors and how well you can build a
character and utilize comedic timing


A list of conflicts. List of existing conflicts (You MUST be available for all performance dates) 

Completed audition form Completed audition form and a headshot - (Extra forms will be available to fill out at auditions and we will have a camera to take a headshot if you don’t have one) 

Dress: Dress comfortably and be ready to make a strong first impression. Avoid costumes. Dance or closed-toe shoes please. (no flip-flops, sandals, or jewelry that impedes movement.) 

Familiarize yourself with the show and characters prior to the audition. The internet is loaded with resources for finding plots, listening to soundtracks, and seeing videos of past productions.​ 

Arrive early so you have time for check-in and warm-up.​ 



Iva Paine….Innocent enough patient who needs a filling.

Nova Caine…..Villainous nurse and D.K. Molar’s right hand woman. She is just as conniving and
evil as the main man himself.

D.K. Molar…..Our big bad villain. Has a heart made of stone and only cares for himself and his
money. Obviously the twisting mustache type villain.

Polly Dent…Another innocent patient who falls victim to D.K. Molar’s schemes.

Flossy Dailey….. The main heroine of the story. Sweet like candy with a heart of gold.

Phil DeTooth….. The all around great man and Dentist! He practices medicine and his dental
practices honorably and has a sweet spot for Ms. Dailey.


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