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​3/7 & 3/8, 7-9pm both nights

Audition by reservation ONLY.


Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays April 30th- May 23rd


  1. We will be DOUBLE CASTING- All roles will be double cast to provide more opportunities for our local artists and provide an immediate alternative should an actor have circumstances preventing them from performing.

  2. There will be 12 performances total, which means all performers will have 6 shows.

  3. Needing- 6 males and 6 females for major roles, 2 males and 2 females for supporting roles.


  1. Auditions are limited to 12 participants per time slot. Chairs will be place 6 feet apart. There will be no physical contact during auditions.

  2. Each of the 3 Acts will have different cast members. All Acts will have separate rehearsal schedules to limit exposure until the final weeks of production.

  3. Each act will have two separate casts. These casts will be kept socially distanced from each other at rehearsals to limit exposure. This will be maintained throughout the run of the show, if there are no cast members that are prohibited from performing.

  4. Masks required at all rehearsals and performances.


  1. Karen Nash- 48 and perfectly fine looking middle aged. A pleasant and affable woman. She is witty and down to earth. She has reserved suite 719 because it is hopes to rekindle romance with her husband as this is where they spent their honeymoon. (Act 1)

  2. Sam Nash- 50 years old and not happy that he is aging. He is incredibly fastidious about his appearance. He is a workaholic…and not just because he likes to work. (Act 1)

  3. Jesse Kiplinger- A confident and successful forty-year-old Hollywood producer. After three divorces he feels his life if missing the kind of relationship, he had with this high school sweetheart, Muriel. He invites her to his hotel room with one purpose in mind. (Act 2)

  4. Muriel Tate- late 30s attractive housewife who comes across as naïve. She is star struck by her old boyfriend. Commitment to her seemingly happy marriage is shaky, at best. (Act 2)

  5. Norma Hubley- 40-50s mother-of-the-bride. She is trying to stay calm in crisis with everyone except her husband. She sways from trying to be in control and place him in control. (Act 3)

  6. Roy Hubley- 40-50s father-of-the-bride. Type A personality who is good in business, but a little out-to-sea in an emotional crisis. (Act 3)

  7. Jean McCormack/ Mimsey Hubley – (Act 1, Jean) 28 years old. Sam’s attractive, cheerful, and bright assistant. Also his mistress.(Act 3, Mimsey) Nervous bride who has locked herself in the hotel bathroom because she is afraid her marriage will turn out like her parents.

  8. Bellhop/ Waiter/ Borden Eisler- 20-30s male. Bellhop & Waiter in Act 1, Waiter in Act 2, and groom-to-be in Act 3.


Act 1 “Visitor from Mamaroneck”

             A not-so-blissfully wedded couple Sam and Karen Nash, are revisiting their honeymoon suite in an attempt by Karen to bring the love back into their marriage. Her  plan backfires and the two become embroiled in a heated argument about whether or not Sam is having an affair with his secretary. The act ends with Sam leaving (allegedly to attend to urgent business) and Karen sadly reflecting on how much things have changed since they were young.

Act 2 “Visitor from Hollywood”

            A meeting between movie producer Jesse Kiplinger and his old flame, suburban housewife Muriel Tate. Muriel - aware of his reputation as a smooth-talking ladies' man - has come for nothing more than a chat between old friends, promising herself she will not stay too long. Jesse, however, has other plans in mind and repeatedly attempts to seduce her.

Act 3 “Visitor from Forest Hills”

            Revolves around married couple Roy and Norma Hubley on their daughter Mimsey's wedding day. In a rush of nervousness, Mimsey has locked herself in the    suite's bathroom and refuses to leave. This is the most comic of the acts, filled with increasingly outrageous slapstick moments depicting her parents' frantic attempts to cajole her into attending her wedding while the gathered guests await the trio's arrival downstairs. The scene ends and they finally get married.

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