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"R.L. Stine's GOOSEBUMPS: Phantom of the Auditorium
(Performance Dates September 27 - October 27, 2024)




Best friends Brooke and Zeke are excited to audition for and land parts in the “super scary play” at the supposedly haunted Woods Mill Middle School.  Their excitement quickly turns to fear as they discover that all is not what it seems.  A mysterious trap door, a jealous understudy, a creepy janitor, and a horrifying phantom stand in between them and a successful opening night.


Sunday, July 21st @ 6:30 PM

Monday, July 22nd @ 6:30 PM

Callbacks: If needed, callbacks will occur on July 24, 2024, at 6:30 PM.

 **Auditioners only need to come to one audition day**


Director: Bryan Davis

Stage Manager: Manny Cabrera

Music Director: Michael Perez

Choreographer: Jessica Hill


Auditioners must be at least 13 years old by September 27, 2024 (no exceptions).  Auditioners will be asked to sing, dance, and scream.  Vocal selections, character descriptions, and dance information listed below.


Auditioners will learn a short dance combination on site and will perform in small groups.  It is recommended that you wear clothing you can move in.  Dance shoes or tennis shoes recommended - no flip flops, crocs, sandals, etc.  Auditioners should familiarize themselves with “Goosebumps” from the show.


Auditioners are asked to familiarize themselves with one of the songs below prior to auditions.  On audition day, you will practice a few times with the music director, sing it as a group, and then sing individually.  The original cast recording is available to listen to on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.


Auditioning for Brooke, Anna, or Cami - “ The Story of the Phantom” mm.106-122

Auditioning for Zeke, Brian, Corey, or Steve - ‘My Story”  mm. 11-36

Auditioning for Ms. Walker or Tina - “The Legend” mm.103-121

Auditioning for Emile - “My Home Sweet Home” mm.16-25






  • Brooke Rodgers (Teen, F) - a middle school girl who loves all things theater and all things scary.  Optimistic, bubbly, and a loyal friend.


  • Zeke Matthews (Teen, M) - Brooke’s best friend, who also loves all things scary, but is a little more easily scared than Brooke.  Zeke is loyal, but a jokester.


  • Tina Powell (Teen, F) - craves the spotlight and will stop at nothing to be the star.  Tina thrives off of being the center of attention and knowing everything.  Jealous and “fake nice.”


  • Ms. Walker (Adult, F) - theater teacher and descendant of the original author of The Phantom.  Ms. Walker is self-assured, firm with her students, a bit dramatic, and eager to make her great grandmother proud.


  • Emile (Adult, M) - the night janitor at the middle school.  Imposing, cold, creepy, and an animated singer.


  • Brian Colson (Teen, M) - the new boy at school who is immediately smitten with Brooke and eager to join the production of The Phantom.  Friendly, old fashioned, and a little awkward.


  • Anna (Teen, F) - part of the cast of The Phantom.  A little strange and very upset that there are no clowns in the play.


  • Cami (Teen, F) - part of the cast of The Phantom.  Must be a strong screamer.


  • Corey (Teen, M) - part of the cast of The Phantom.  Thinks it’s weird that he’s in middle school and playing Brooke’s dad.


  • Steve (Teen, M) - part of the cast of The Phantom, only because he’s in a carpool with Corey.


  • Ensemble (Teens, M or F) - Additional Woods Mill Middle School Students.



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