General Operating Guidelines

  • Availability: Spaces are available for daytime and evening events. We make reservations to “pencil in” dates as much as one year in advance.


  • Reservations: To reserve Harbor Playhouse facilities, Renters should submit a completed Rental Request sheet to the Harbor Playhouse Main Office Manager who will determine availability, calculate fees (Schedule A), and issue a rental contract and an invoice for ½ of rental fees and deposits. The requested space is ‘on hold’ for seven days after issuance of invoice, pending Harbor Playhouse receipt of invoiced amount. If the appropriate deposit and rental payment is not received within seven days of invoice, the space will be made available to other potential Renters. Should an event be cancelled due to no fault of Harbor Playhouse after a deposit has been paid, the deposit will be forfeited.


  • Rental Agreements: Space reservation will be confirmed on the date that Harbor Playhouse receives the Deposit and ½ of the estimated total cost of the rental (See Schedule A). Usage hours reflect actual hours in which Renter has access to reserved space, including set-up and clean up by Renter. Harbor Playhouse agrees to complete in-house facilities event set-up and basic house lighting and house sound set-up (other technical set-up excluded) no later than the starting time of Renter’s usage hours. Additional technical set up will begin at the starting time of Renter’s usage hours. Usage hours granted shall not be extended for the occupancy or use of the Harbor Playhouse premises or for the installation or removal of equipment without the permission of Harbor Playhouse management. All such additional usage hours shall be paid for according to the current Rental Rates.


  • Insurance: All Renters must obtain and present a certificate of insurance covering Renter’s public liability, personal injury and property damage at least two (2) weeks prior to event. Required minimum coverage is $1 million per occurrence. The certificate must name Harbor Playhouse as an additional insured.


  • Concurrent Use: It is understood and agreed that Rental Agreements do not grant exclusive use of the Harbor Playhouse to Renters. Rental of the Main Stage auditorium does not grant exclusive use of the Harbor Playhouse lobby to Renters. Harbor Playhouse management reserves the right to coordinate and adjust as required event start times in order to minimize audience overlap in start, intermission and end times of concurrent events.


  • Clean Up Responsibility: The Renter agrees to leave all Harbor Playhouse spaces in the same condition as existed at the time Renter took possession. Harbor Playhouse charges $300 for these custodial and managerial services. Any additional charges could be fined to the renter if Harbor Playhouse management finds, in its sole discretion, that the facility was not left in the same condition will be borne by Renter. Renter shall be responsible for any and all damages to the Harbor Playhouse facilities caused by acts of the Renter, Renter’s agents, employees, or attendees of Renter’s event. A deposit will be required.


  • Parking: Harbor Playhouse does not control, nor can it reserve parking for Renters or the staff and patrons of Renters. Parking for patrons of Harbor Playhouse events is available in the lots on the North and East side of the building at #1 Bayfront Park.


  • Use of Theatre Area Seating: The use of the theatre seating areas shall be restricted at all times to those in possession of tickets during times for performance/events and those times immediately preceding and succeeding such performances/events. In the event the cleaning of the seating areas is deemed necessary due to a person or person(s) associated with Renter’s event occupying that area, a cleaning fee will be assessed and charged to the Renter. Participants at the Renter’s event are to respect the facility by not putting feet on the seats or walls of the facility.


  • Objectionable Persons: Harbor Playhouse management reserves the right to eject or cause to be ejected from the premises of the Harbor Playhouse any objectionable person or persons. Neither Harbor Playhouse nor any of its officers, agents or employees shall be liable to any Renter for any damages that may be sustained by such Renter subsequent to the exercise of such right by Harbor Playhouse management. The term “objectionable persons” shall include those persons who by virtue of disorderly conduct, drunkenness, disruptive behavior, violation of Harbor Playhouse policy, city, state or federal law, make the normal and proper conducting of business or an event or the enjoyment by others such event difficult or impossible for others. Objectionable persons also include those who interfere with the normal and proper conducting of business/event or the enjoyment of others.  


  • Concession Sales: Concessions are operated at the sole discretion of Harbor Playhouse management. Harbor Playhouse retains exclusive right to operate all concessions, including soft drinks, beer & wine, coffee, food items and candy before, during and after any events.


  • Catering: Renter may make arrangements for catering with a licensed caterer to bring in food for a reception or meal which is directly associated with an event for which a Rental Agreement has been issued. The Nueces County Health Department regulations prohibit service of food and beverages prepared in other than licensed kitchens. 



Technical Information and Policies for Rental Event

  • Production Meeting: A production meeting is required between Harbor Playhouse Technical Director, Manager and Renter or Renter’s designated representative at least two weeks prior to the event. To reduce confusion, it is very important that only one person be authorized to speak for the event. Regardless of the number of times Renter has used the center, a production meeting for every event is required. Final decisions regarding the event, including equipment and manpower needs, will be made during this meeting. Any changes and/or additions to a Client’s event may incur additional charges.


  • Stage Lighting: All Harbor Playhouse rentals will include a basic light plot for a general stage wash only. In addition, a color wash (colors limited) will also be available if requested prior to 10 calendar days before event. Any additional light plots above and beyond such as specials, additional color washes, area lighting with transitions, re-hang and focus of lights, etc. will require additional labor and billing. Any such request will need to be discussed at date of signed contract and agreed upon (in writing) at least 10 calendar days prior to event. Fees and estimated hours may vary and will be discussed/agreed upon at that time. Use of any stage lighting with cues requires Harbor Playhouse technicians, hired at $37.50 per hour (two hour minimum).


  • Spotlights: All rentals include use of two spotlights. Spotlight operators may be hired through Harbor Playhouse at $20.00 per hour (two hour minimum).


  • Sound: Use of the sound system with cues requires a Harbor Playhouse technician, hired at $37.50 per hour (two hour minimum). Additional microphones may be rented:

    Wireless body microphones - $35.00 per hour per performance

    Event microphone - $25 each per performance


  • Box Office Sales: Pre-Event ticketing services are available at $300.00 per event plus 5% of sales to include internet ticket sales. Event-Day ticketing services are available at $30.00 per attendant per hour plus 5% sales.


  • Props and additional items: Props and other items such as folding tables and chairs are available at additional costs.


  • Security Costs: Security is required for all events (any space) with 100 or more people where alcohol is served.


  • Over-Time Rental Fee: Should the renter fail to vacate the premises at the designated end time, an over-time penalty fee of $200.00 for an hour over allotted rental time and $100.00 for a half hour over allotted rental time. (Deposit required or credit card required.) 

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