Additional Day Added! 

Pirate Audition -- Men Only! 

3/11/20 @ 6:30pm

Pirates & Petticoats

by: Pat Cook

Fans of big-screen pirate movies will applaud this action-packed pirate play.  Ruthless Cap’n Ball, the meanest pirate in the Caribbean, is bested by an adventure-seeking male librarian and a crew of lady pirates.  A the "Din ’O Thieves Inn," Squire Juan schemes to shanghai hapless librarian Fisher Cutbait for Cap’n Ball, but things go awry.  Reading his swordplay instruction manual as he duels, Cutbait defeats Cap’n Ball.  Furious for revenge, Cap’n Ball returns to the inn with his crew of cutthroats, but he’s met there by a British officer with a warrant for his arrest.  Just like in the movies, swords clash and rogues and good guys appear from nowhere.  One surprise twist follows another!  It appears that no one can win the battle until lady pirate Cap’n Gown arrives to beat them all.  The dialog is authentic pirate lingo to fit the hilarious 17th-century characters.  The unrelenting stage action and unpredictable ending make this pirate play a fun show for "lads" and "lassies" alike.

Basic audition rules apply. 16 and over ONLY. 

Cast of characters

Juan Tumani

Bombastic owner of a wharf saloon/inn

Mac Rell 

Pirate Henchman

Coral Reef

Juan's sarcastic girlfriend

Blue Gill

Not-too-bright pirate

Jack knife

Another dim-witted pirate

Pearl Diver

Flirtatious bar worker

Sara Manloose 

Another lady of the inn

Barry Cuda

Another out-of-work pirate


Marigold Bush

Lonely friend of Jamaica


Captain Ball

Hard-headed pirate captain


Milo Openseas

Stiff British Officer

Ensign Seer

Milo's military guard

Fisher Cutbait

Naive and anxious librarian


Pug Ugly

Wharf rat, looking for a hand out


Jamaica Runfort

Fisher's rather excitable Fiancee

Ona Spree

Pompous upper-class lady

Ima Goodtime

Another lady looking for excitement 

Packy Derm

Gentleman escort to the ladies


Lady pirate


Lady pirate


Lady pirate

Captain Gown

Rough lady sea captain (Jamaica's alter ego)

Maya Ugly

Rowdy sister to Pug

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